MUSE Case Study

A memory-making app that allows users to connect their favorite songs, journal entries and photos to create meaningful memories.

Muse blue cover.png

MUSE Hi-fi video demo


Project Summary

Problem Domain: Journaling, Memory-making

​Traditional memory-making methods can be time-consuming and one dimensional. Journaling can takes lots of time and effort, and taking pictures only captures a slice of an experience. With MUSE, users can take memory-making to the next level by incorporating their favorite songs, videos, and locations to create a fuller memory-making experience. With MUSE users can create, view and share their memories. They can also explore memories from their friends or from the public.

Timeline: 3 months, Jan 2020 - Mar. 2020

Role & Team: UX Designer, Team of 4

Tools: Figma

Methodologies: paper prototypes, digital prototypes, ideation sessions, user interviews, lab usability testing, field usability testing, business model creation, design iteration

Final Product: hi-fi running app, downloadable from the iOS App Store


Design Process

Our full, in-depth design process can be found below


Final Task Flows


Create a memory:

create a memory.png

View a memory:

view a memory.png

Share a memory with a friend:

share memory to friend.png

Share a memory with the public:

share memory to public.png

Explore public memories:

explore memories.png